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Extended Reality Simulation Platform for ISRU and ISAM

ESP | Extended Reality Simulation Platform

ESP™ is an XR simulator designed for ISRU (In-Space Resource Utilization) and ISAM (In-Space Assembly and Manufacturing) scenarios where semi-autonomous robots operate, allowing remote operators to control or supervise tasks such as deployment and assembly of structures.

ESP™ can be experienced in a CAVE (Capability Assessment Validation Environment) or with VR headsets.

The simulator can be used for HRITL (Human-Robot In The Loop) exploration and procedure validation, Telerobotic operations, Operator training, and Synthetic video and sensor data creation for AI algorithms training and testing.

The simulator can create large datasets of synthetic data (including video and other sensors) that can be used to train AI algorithms. Complex and detailed operation test cases can be performed to test AI algorithms, with thousands of cases, reducing automated and manual operations blind spots, and reducing risk operation once deployed on real assets. The simulated missions can be used to define missions, train operators, and rehearse before committing to real hardware.

Predictive Analytics is enabled by feeding real-time sensor data (IIoT) to mission or process Digital Twins to determine which possible scenario is currently enabled in the real world.


Nvidia Omniverse-based simulation platform

Mission planning and rehearsal. Case creator mode.​

Teleoperation/training modules​

XR based User interface​

Data set management and case/scenario management.​

Synthetic image/video/sensors for AI algorithm training and validation

XR batch testing: Risk reduction by testing 100 to 1000x more scenarios compared to physical testing

Digital Twin for complex assets and Sensors

Robotics, Space & Earth Applications. HITL and HRITL possibilities

Hardware in the Loop operation

ESP™ is built on top of Nvidia Enterprise Onmiverse platform and can be extended for XR operation, robot, and humanoid robot operation, hardware in-the-loop operation, and advanced physics simulation with 3rd party tools and modules.

towars a multi scale poster about ESP

1. Excavation & Construction:
    Heavy Equipment Operator Training
2. Building: Equipment Maintenance
3. Nuclear Reactor: Operator Training

Coming Soon, Please Inquire:


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