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XR Visualization

& Spatial Computing

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3D is everywhere, and digital technologies are advancing rapidly into XR and Spatial computing. Missing out on the XR technology trend means more than just falling behind - it means losing competitive edge, and less customer engagement and presence in the digital world.


With Prefixa, you can explore all XR and Spatial Computing possibilities and avoid staying in a 2D world.

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Featured Services

XR solutions

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Dynamic Simulations

Showcase your product, service, or process online in interactive 3D, with configurable features, functions, accessories to meet your requirements.

Better online engagement by prospects and clients.

Realistic XR Experiences: VR Training, Virtual Tours, and Interactive 3D visualization

XR Experiences

Creation of hyper realistic scenarios for planning, training, testing, implementing and monitoring your assets, environments, products and solutions.

Immersive effective virtual scenarios.

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Real Estate

Engineering, Construction, Provisioning, Planning management, fly through, walk
through, compare current state with Plan. All stakeholders can “see what you mean!”


XR experiences

created by our team

AXRO Lab. Product

XR Simulation

for Aerospace and Robotic Applications

AXRO is an XR simulator designed for complex scenarios where autonomous robots operate, allowing remote operators to control or supervise tasks such as 3D navigation, and the deployment and assembly of structures.

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Working with you
to create your XR experience


Define Your Requirements

& Discussing Costs

Discuss with our team about the XR Technology options for your industry


Design & Development

Our team translates concepts and requirements into action, creating customized, interactive and immersive XR solutions


Delivery & Integration

Ongoing support and integration, empowering you with transformative technology

Guided by Expertise,

Driven by Innovation

Roberto Ancis

CEO of Coaching Professors

“As the entire world is moving to a three-dimensional

online commercial universe,

we would recommend Prefixa to anyone of our clients for simple 3D work, augmented reality or virtual reality projects."

Soody Tronson

Founder and CEO, Presque Inc.

“Your professional handling

of the project and

friendly support made the relationship productive

and efficient.

The renderings you provided us have been a great tool in our communications.”

Anna Sulikowska


“The renderers prepared a high-quality realistic video. The sound and the imagery made this project extremely impressive. The client was simply astonished and super happy. I would definitely recommend Prefixa and will always use them in the future.”

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Experience: 17 years delivering solutions to automobile manufacturing, gaming, semiconductor, and most recently space industries. Working with business partners to deliver Digital Twins, AI/ML, and Robotics/Tele-Robotics solutions.

Quality: immersive 3D experience to visual limits of human eyes and leading edge goggles and haptic gloves.

Cost: reasonable pricing arbitraging best in Mexico 3d artists and programmers, working at the same US time zone.

Use Cases: in house and from our business partners, US and International.

Our team combines empathy for your specific needs with the proven competency to deliver impactful solutions.
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They Trust Us:

Price Sculpture Forest Logo - Client of Prefixa
Emaar Logo - Client of Prefixa
LENOVO Logo - Client of Prefixa
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They Trust Us:


Custom Solutions

for your Project



Long term strategic partnership to create complex 3D experiences. We can complement existing software or creative teams.

6 to 18 months




Medium complexity projects with 10s of assets.

Standalone application or immersive XR experience

1 to 3 months

Starting at

$15,000 / month



Product Interactive 3D visualization

or Configurator (Web or Standalone)

4 to 6 weeks

Starting at


Looking for great people who deliver on time and on budget?

Schedule a 20 minute call to see how we can help your customer or in house communication, education, marketing, training projects.

  • XR experiences encompass virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR).

    • In VR, users are immersed in a fully simulated virtual environment.

    • In AR, virtual elements are overlaid onto the real world through a device such as a smartphone or AR glasses.

    • In MR,  virtual and real elements are combined in an interactive environment.

  • Many platforms support XR experiences and spatial computing, including smartphones, VR headsets like Oculus Quest Pro and HTC Vive, AR glasses such as Microsoft's HoloLens, as well as development platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine.

  • The best XR experience depends on the specific needs of your industry.

    For example, retail businesses may benefit from augmented reality to allow customers to visualize products in their own space before purchase, while construction companies may use virtual reality to simulate projects and enhance collaboration.

    We can help identify the best XR solutions to meet your particular needs.

  • 3D visualization is a technology that creates realistic virtual models of objects and environments in three dimensions.


    It allows for the visualization of complex concepts interactively and immersively, providing an in-depth understanding of details and interactions. In industries such as aerospace, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, industrial hardware, and architecture, 3D visualization can transform the way you design, sell, and collaborate. It enables the simulation of prototypes, the creation of interactive configurators, the preview of architectural projects, and much more, enhancing decision-making, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

  • Absolutely. 


    We work with a wide range of 3D formats and can integrate your custom models to ensure that our solutions precisely meet your needs.

  • A 3D configurator is a software tool that utilizes coding and 3D models to enable users to customize and visualize products in three dimensions based on their preferences.

    Users can interactively modify various features such as color, size, material, and accessories to create a personalized version of the product. This immersive experience helps users make informed purchasing decisions by providing a realistic preview of the final product configuration.

  • Spatial computing solutions enable architects to visualize projects in their real environment, while Omniverse facilitates real-time collaboration among team members, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the design process.

  • VR and AR enable the aerospace industry to simulate complex environments, train personnel in realistic scenarios, and visualize prototypes before manufacturing, thereby reducing costs and accelerating innovation.

  • The main tools we use :

    • Nvidia Omniverse

    • Unity3D

    • Unreal

    • Sketchfab

    • Fortnite

    • Maya

    • V-Ray

    • Suite Adobe

    • Keyshot

    • TwinMotion

    We work on Mac and PC.

    We have Meta Oculus quest 2 and pro headsets.

Additional details & 

more aspects of XR to guide you


3D Modeling & Simulation, AR, VR, Metaverse, MRE, XR, Spatial Computing – We stay current to deliver the best possible results for you.

All paths start by discussing what you want, then preparing demos of optimized 3D assets (products, components, devices, scenarios, solutions), and selecting the specific XR experience that best meets your needs.