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Visualizing the Future

of Your Design

Which 3D visualization technique is best for my project ?

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Interior and Exterior Visualization

Best For Architects, 

Interior designers, 

Real estate developers


Virtual & Augmented Reality

Best For Architects,

Interior designers,

Real estate developers




Best For Virtual Fine Art Exhibitions,


What They Say About Us


"We have been in the consumer technology business advisory for over 40 years and we met Prefixa in 2019, a creative company in the field of virtual and augmented reality.  We have selected Prefixa as sole provider for a new Virtual Commerce concept in the high-fashion industry and for a new South America and Central America Virtual Commerce site with sales in the U.S.  As the entire world is moving to a three-dimensional online commercial universe, we would recommend Prefixa to anyone of our clients for simple 3D work, augmented reality or virtual reality projects."


Roberto Ancis

Founder and CEO of Coaching Professors, Inc. and of Consulting Professors Online, LLC.

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