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Increase the success of selling your products or projects.

Facilitate the decision making process of your clients with interactive 3D and VR.

Showcase XR for Architecture


Showcase compelling VR experiences from your CAD 

Sculpture 3D


Interactive 3D of sculptures and Virtual art galleries 

Virtual experience


Some examples from our R&D laboratory

Prefixa beyond 3D

Our Services

Our Studio provides 3D visualization services, industrial design and XR - eXtended Reality design. Our team of creatives, technologists, and visual artists work with the latest technology in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to ensure you are always at the cutting edge of innovation.

Why Prefixa

Our Silicon Valley hardened team can bring novel directions for your 3D designs with technology and creative insights to differentiate your products.


Our Clients

We have worked with many global companies such as: