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Visualize Your Innovation

Increase the engagement and number of investors for your innovative products by communicating them visually and efficiently through interactive visualizations solutions.

​The interactive nature of interactive 3D models allows you to manipulate your product and see it from every angle, making it an ideal tool to grab and keep the engagement and attention of your audience.


This increased engagement helps you to explain complex products in a way that is easy to understand. An ideal tool for different events, presentations, and your website.

3D Interactive Model


Render Video

Rendered videos showcase your product from all angles, highlight its most important features, and comprehensively communicate the innovation, ensuring the product is exactly as it's supposed to be.


Showing more than rendered images, rendered videos are a great tool for communication and making sure there are no misunderstandings between your internal team and your client or investors.

Render Photo

Rendered 3D photos eliminate the need for guesswork. Showing exactly how your product will look like once finished and out of production, they are a valuable asset in portfolios, websites, and presentations, as they allow you to present and market your product before production has even begun. ​


You can show the overall design by complimenting and highlighting the most important parts of your project.

Specialty Shots

Specialty shots take rendered images to the next level by placing the product or solution into a life-like environment, showing the true impact it has.


They allow you to put your solution in context, giving it life and a WOW factor.


Ideal tool for marketing, as they allow you to build a story around the product and your target market.

Animated Project Video

Animated project videos allow you to bring the whole project together, bringing in all the small details, and showcasing all the functions of your innovation.


An ideal tool for presentations for investors and in events, an animated project video showcases the whole range of possibilities of your innovation.

What We Do

With these Visualization Solutions, we help your team, client, investors, and audience to truly understand your innovation, the problems it solves, and the way it solves them.


By engaging your audience with interactive visualizations, you create truly unique user experiences and allow them to learn about your innovation from every angle.

New visual communication tools allow you to build strong relationships based on trust and informed feedback, making sure that everyone understands the true impact of your technological solution.


Whether it be in your portfolio, website, presentation, or marketing material, the possibilities of these technologies when applied to your innovation are endless.

About Us
Blue Smoke

"As a consumer medical device company in Silicon Valley we knew that a compelling visualization of our product was necessary. As a bootstrapped startup, finding the right partner was a challenge. We worked with Prefixa to visualize our novel device without compromising excellence. Thank you Prefixa for being an early supporter of Presque. Your professional handling of the project and friendly support made the relationship productive and efficient. The renderings you provided us have been a great tool in our communications.”


Soody Tronson

Founder and CEO, Presque Inc.  

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