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Connecting Dots


We help our clients to visualize their designs and products using

XR technologies

Interactive Model & Development

Your products can produce the best engagement with web

based 3D catalogs, showrooms and interactive 3D configurators.

Our Services



# Satellites, Space missions

OOX __ 3D Model in Sketchfab-low.gif

Creating 3D Model

Adapted to review a new concept design or presentation



# Electrical, Electronic, Medical Devices, Precision manufacturing 

3D photorealistic  animations

Adapted for presentation and marketing tools

Robot Animated in Sketchfab-low.gif

Luxury and Real Estates

# Digital Architecture, Maquette, Interior, Exterior

Hill Village Interior __ 3D Model in Sketchfab-low.gif

Mobile Version
with Realistic 3D  

Adapted during appointments, from an application or directly with the link and facilitates the understanding of the model

Using the API Sketchfab to Develop Mini Map-low.gif

Development on Sketchfab API

Adapted for sales and marketing tools

Luxury & Real Estates

Fine Art & Sculptures

# Fine Art and Sculptures

Quijote, Scan to 3D in Sketchfab-low.gif

Scan to 3D 

Scanning from a phone 
3D photogrammetry skills 

Adapted for Archiving, NFT, Exhibition, Presentation, Sales Tools, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Franta Collection __ Website with sculpture converted to 3D in Sketchfab-low.gif

3D Model in Website

Adapted to integrate into a website.
There are several ways to do this.

Fine Art & Sculptures
Connecting Dots

Let's Connect

1250 Borregas Ave,

Sunnyvale, CA 94089,

United States

+1 415 424 4101

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