Interactive 3D sculptures

While in the past, art buyers have made their purchases at art galleries, art shows or auctions, the world is changing and more and more buyers are purchasing art using the Internet.   Up to now, most artwork on the Internet has been shown with single or multiple 2D photographs.  However, while this shows the art piece, it does not allow the potential buyer to control its own experience and viewing of the sculpture.  Interactive 3D sculptures allow the buyer to zoom in and out, to turn clockwise and counterclockwise, to twist and turn around the sculpture for a full visual experience.   


Below, please, find examples of Interactive 3D sculptures and see how this experience could greatly add to the potential buyer of your own Interactive 3D sculpture.  Call us and ask us for the steps needed to convert your sculptures to a fully interactive 3D sculpture that will enhance the buyer’s direct experience.  You could have your work featured individually, in your own virtual gallery and in special digital catalogue. Let us know how we can help you adopt this new millennium technology.