Our packages for sculptors


Interactive 3D sculptures

2 Basic interactive 3D models of your sculptures.
We provide you a link that you can embed in your website or include on  your email to show potential buyers. 
  • Clear background.
  • Dark background.
  • Downloadable models.
  • Instructions to share / download / embed.


3D Gallery

3 to 8 Interactive 3D models of your sculpture in a gallery
  • Deliverables from previous package plus:
  • Gallery of your choice with your Interactive 3D sculptures. Pre-set navigation buttons and manual control of your 3D model interactivity.
  • Downloadable models.
  • Instructions to share / visualize on AR/VR.
  • Silver package allows you to view your artwork on a tablet, smartphone, computer, laptop or visualize using AR/VR glasses. 


3D Digital catalog

4 to 10 Interactive 3D models of your sculptures.
  • Deliverables from previous packages plus:
  • Personalized App for iPad/iPhone with your 3D Catalog.
  • 3D Interactive visualization on App with Augmented Reality visualization at scale or real size. 


3d Sculptor website

Full website hosted in our servers, including:
  • Home page with interactive 3D sculpture.
  • Portfolio with 5-10 interactive 3D sculptures.
  • Interactive 3D gallery with your 3D sculptures.
  • Portfolio.
  • Biography.
  • Contact information.
  • Instructions on how to update information.


Special price for 3, 5 or 10 sculptures

Additional packages:

Custom gallery design

Custom App with your name