Hello Cleo,

Thanks for visiting this page, I appreciate your time.
Below is a personalized video analysis I made for you about the visual content that presents your design practice, please watch it and let me know if you would like to talk further.

First off, I would like to to say that helping residential, art lovers and commercial clients get their dream space realized within their budget is a real problem and I love your approach to tackling it.


I noticed a few things that I might be able to help you with:

- You don’t have a 3D animation of your future designs, or too much video content on your site (could be leaving some money on the table).

- When people find you through Google, they will land on your page and see only pictures of built spaces (could be leaving some money on the table).


To keep your visitors hooked, and motivated to contact you, you need to have engaging content that expresses what you are doing recently and how those designs will be realized in the future. For that, there is nothing better than interactive 3d visualization.

Having interactive content on your website could help you:

  • Speed up the design development process & get your designs approved faster, because it helps your clients make their decisions faster.

  • Enhances the communication between you and the team members.

  • Showcase your designs in a way that differentiate you from the crowd and converts the interested prospects into clients. (Especially when using Google ads to drive more attention, and get higher ROI on ad spend)

    Here is an example of interactive 360 image

Now you might say, that’s nice talking, but how does interactive content help me?


Well, let me explain:

First, for your recent clients, Imagine using an interactive tool (like the one below) to present a concept/design

  • When clients view the design and navigate to all corners and details they will be able to understand your concept FASTER and form a quicker and more solid decision.

  • Also, they will feel confident to approve your design and move forward.

  • They can put themselves in their future space and imagine how could they feel, interact and live in it. In other words, when you can make them generate emotions toward your design you will have a fewer effort on the communication side and save your TIME

When presenting the design on your website to attract potential clients:

  • The interactivity feature has an entertaining factor as it is like video games.

  • That will results in spending more time viewing and navigating your design.

  • Using multiple 360 images, you will be able to lead them to focus on specific details and ideas and deliver your message in your own way.

  • After they view your designs in this way, you will become a reference for interior design ideas to be applied in their future spaces.

  • And when that happens, they will come back again to your online presentations motivated to click the button and contact you, which is the ultimate goal of online presentations, right?


I might be a little bit optimistic, but based on how online communication works, the more time your online visitors spend viewing your designs, the closer they will be to contact you.

Now, I would like to invite you to a quick 15-minute call to see if we can help each other and to see which type of 3d interactive visualization could help you the best. Are you open to that?

Now, you might say,

"I don't have a need to it right now, and I might consider you in the future." or

"I don't see its benefit and I don't need more than images to present my ideas" or
"It seems expensive and I don't want to invest in it now"

If that's what you would say, I totally understand your point, but you will experience more examples and application of it on that call, and I won't take more than 15 min of your time.

This call is 100% for free.

If you are interested to talk further, please click the button below to find the time that fits your schedule. I am looking forward to meeting you

Here is some background data on us:


We specialize in helping interior designers in the US differentiate themselves and increase their Brand awareness with interactive 3d visualization. That could be using 360º Images, 360º Interactive Video with Interactive Navigation or with Augmented reality.

Our clients vary between marketing agencies for high fashion, interior designers and architects.

One of our clients Roberto Ancis, a marketing consultant, is using our interactive 360 images to showcase spaces of high fashion brands.

Here is an interview between Roberto and one of our team, she is Mariela Reséndiz.


Roberto Ancis

Founder and CEO of Coaching Professors, Inc. and of Consulting Professors Online, LLC.

"We have been in the consumer technology business advisory for over 40 years and we met Prefixa in 2019, a creative company in the field of virtual and augmented reality.  We have selected Prefixa as sole provider for a new Virtual Commerce concept in the high-fashion industry and for a new South America and Central America Virtual Commerce site with sales in the U.S.  As the entire world is moving to a three-dimensional online commercial universe, we would recommend Prefixa to anyone of our clients for simple 3D work, augmented reality or virtual reality projects."


Below is what we have done for Roberto

Another client Anna Sulikowska, she is an architect in Canada and she is using 3d visualization to showcase her projects for her clients and to get them approved as well.

Here is an interview between Anna and one of our marketing specialists, she is Eeva Kavenius


Anna Sulikowska


"I collaborated with Prefixa in 2019 on an architectural project of a Canadian cottage located outside of Montreal. The renderers prepared a high-quality realistic video of the proposed swimming pool and the existing cottage situated on this exquisite treed property along the Richelieu River canal. The video was hyperrealistic and beautiful - the sound and the imagery made this project extremely impressive. Both, bird soundscapes with splashing water summer visuals and delicate snowfall scenes were rendered to add the architectural concept. They also applied materials to the building and the pool that made the project realistic. The client was simply astonished and super happy - I would definitely recommend Prefixa and will always use them in the future."


Below is Anna's design visualized by us:


Zora Kusá

3D Modeller, Property Photographer and Entrepreneur


And now, if you feel not sure if that works for you, or have any question, I would like to invite you to a quick 15-minute call to get to know you in the first place and to answer all your questions :)