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Why Creating Interactive Design Experiences in Architecture is Beneficial?

Updated: Mar 22

Exploring an interactive visualization in VR through the Oculus 2 headset.

Post-covid spaces are an exciting time for architects and design professionals The pandemic has changed the way we work, communicate, and even travel It's all changing!


The Railroad Bistro & Lounge Project

Interactive services like this Railroad Bistro & Lounge project are a quickly emerging trend in the industry of Architecture and visualization. Interactive 3D visualizations are a powerful tool for architects to create more flexible design experiences. They allow the architect to explore different options with clients and present plans in real-time online, while also giving the client the freedom to experiment and explore the design on their own.

Mini Bar View of Railroad Bistro & Lounge project - Change materials in real-time
Visualizations like this one, give the client the possibility to change the materials you offer them in Real Time.

Interactive visualizations on an immersive platform like Shapespark allow clients, investors, and other interested parties to revise the plan and get an interactive experience of the space before anything has even been built; allowing for flexibility throughout the process which leads to more seamless collaboration between you and your client.

As clients are able to experiment with materials and design options and explore all the details of the design they can fully understand the value your design is bringing to them.

In the design phase, it is important that clients understand the overall concept and idea behind the design. 3D Maquettes are a great tool in that, as they present the "Big Picture" and vision of the project, giving the client an overall picture of the design. This way they can provide you with feedback instantly while interacting with the maquette


The Railroad Bistro & Lounge project is available

as an interactive 3D experience

via computer, tablet, phone and virtual headset.

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