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What is the Value of Interactive 3D?

Updated: Mar 22

3D visualizations are a norm in the AEC industry. Clients and contractors are expecting architects to provide 3D visualizations to see what the project will look like in the end. However, 3D still images or even videos don't always provide all the needed information for clients and other parties involved in the project.

Virtual Reality is a great tool to fill this gap of information. However, if you are not ready to adapt or have the budget for it, interactive 3D visualizations are a great way to provide the added information. That way the clients and other parties like project managers and people in the construction crew can get all the information as effectively as possible.

A meeting within an interactive 3D Visualization - Prefixa Team

One of the biggest problems with still images and videos in 3D visualization is that they might be confusing. Especially architectural 2D drawings might be confusing for people who are not used to reading them. If the client doesn't understand the design they aren't able to give informed feedback or see if the design is actually functional for them. Interactive 3D visualizations allow the client and other parties to explore the design on their own from their device. They can experience it from their perspective, and explore and double-check each detail and aspect of the design.

In situations where presenting the project design in person isn't possible, interactive 3D visualizations allow you (the architect or designer) to explain the design to their client or other people involved as they walk through it virtually. This enables all needed information to be given, and possible flaws in the design or functionality can be seen immediately and the problem can be fixed before construction. This saves both time and money. This flexibility is one of the best features of interactive 3D visualizations. It has been a very important feature, especially in the past few years, as Interactive 3D eliminates the need to travel for face-to-face meetings.

Some interactive 3D visualizations even allow for small changes in the materials, colors, or design. This is important because it gives you feedback from clients before construction.. This feature is also useful in larger projects where many clients might have different opinions and concerns regarding the design.

Having interactive 3D visualizations of the project is a very useful tool for all parties involved in any size or type of project. The three-dimensional nature of these visuals gives the ability to see a design from different perspectives, as well as making changes and adjustments before entering into construction. Interactive 3Dvisualizations also support the design documentation giving it that added perspective that helps clients understand what they are paying for. Especially when meetings in person with the client aren't possible. Meetings, where interactive 3D Visualizations can be used, enable clearer communication. That is why interactive 3D visualizations are invaluable in many situations.

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