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What do Augmented Reality and Architecture have to do with each other?

Updated: Mar 22

This is something that many architects might be wondering about. Aren't 3D visualizations enough? What even is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is an experience where the physical world is combined with computer-generated input that reacts to real-time changes in the user's environment and is viewed through a smartphone camera with help of marker, markerless or location based codes. In simple words, Augmented Reality brings an added layer of interactivity to the real world through a device such as a mobile phone.

So what does Augmented Reality have to do with Architecture?

For years 3D visualizations have been the norm in the architecture world. Whether in the design or approval stage 3D visualization are a valuable tool. However, they lack someting that Augmented Reality can offer. The WOW factor.

In Architecture, AR means seeing a design through your phone like it was actually there, wherever you decide to place it. Whether it is a part of a design, a maquette, or even just an added extension to an existing structure, AR visualizations can be viewed wherever - whenever. The flexibility of AR visualization is one of its greatest benefits.

Augmented reality visualizations aren't just a great tool for architects in the design phase. They also create a WOW factor for clients and oftentimes gives them even more information about the project than regular 3D visualizations. Among other things, the immersive and interactive nature of AR visualizations means that a client can go to the project site, and place the design there in AR through their phone, letting them see the design in its context and in real scale.

While many architects might want to stick to their trusty 3D visualizations, Augmented Reality will differentiate you from the crowd in they eyes of the client.

I understand new technologies such as AR and VR might seem overwhelming and complicated. That is why the whole team of Prefixa is here for you.

Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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