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What are the Special Requirements for My Sculpture to be in 3D?

The world of virtual Art and Technologies can be an overwhelming place.

That is why we're here to guide and help you as you begin the journey of bringing your art to 3D by answering some of the most frequently asked questions at FAQ Room.

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Often we hear concerns about the size and materials of the artwork. There might be some obstacles depending on the characteristics of your work. However, we always provide solutions for your 3D project to become a reality.

When working with big sculptures there are no limits for the modeling process of the sculpture. However, at XR-ROOM for creating the 3D, first, we ask for a simple video scan of the piece. If the piece is very large, or tall, we may have custom video requirements. Don't worry, there are ways we can capture even the largest sculptures.

Another point of consideration is the material of the artwork. Some translucent objects like glass or mirror-like sculptures and art made from thin wire can be challenging to convert.

Every piece is unique and may have specific notes to consider.

Here are some examples of a very large sculpture

"Save Children" by Richard Warrington converted to 3D.

"Save the Children" by Richard Warrington in the virtual gallery "The Pavillion" and the original sculpture in it's real environment.

If you have any doubt about the suitability of your sculpture, you can send us a picture of the piece first, and we will let you know if the material of the sculpture presents an issue or not. We will guide you through every step of the way.


Do you have a question regarding 3D, VR, AR, or NFT tools in the Art space?

Don't hesitate to send your question to

All of your questions will get an answer, and the most frequently asked questions will be featured here.

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