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Visit us at Museum Connections on March 30-31st 2022!

After a long wait, Museum Connections 2022 is finally here!

Museum Connection Paris 30-31 of March - Let's Inspire Tomorrows culture and tourism experience

"Cultural and tourist consumption is evolving, competition is diversifying, visitors have new demands.

The economic model of cultural venues must constantly be re-invented. Offering an unforgettable visitor experience goes beyond the mission of mediation and transmission, to arouse surprise and wonder."

One of the Art world's biggest events, Museums Connections 22 is bringing together thousands of visitors and exhibitors from all over the world to reimagine the worlds of Art and cultural experiences.

This year, bringing our own twist to the way art is experienced, shared, and enjoyed, our Team at Prefixa and its XR-ROOM services, bring 3D visualization, AR, and VR technology to Paris!

You can find the Prefixa Team in the StartUp Stand K13 between 30 - 31 of March.


Get in touch and schedule a meeting with our Team during Museum Connections by sending an email to

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