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  • Mariela Resendiz

NFT Art Collaboration between Prefixa XR-ROOM & Zevi G.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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Presents 4,560 NFT Digital Artworks of the famous character of the Contemporary Artist Zevi G.

An imaginary world of Digital Art is ready to convey the celebration of Art through NFT Lovers.

The internet can be a very scary place to navigate through. However, there are also many opportunities every day in the Online World for Artists, one of them being Crypto Art (NFT Art). With this technology of digital art form, Artists have the opportunity to expand the way they create innovative ways for presenting their artwork using multimedia content without the restrictions of the Physical World.

Today, this Technology allows Artists to present their works in Digital Art and offer NFT´s, as Zevi G. did. This opens up perspectives for all Artists to take the step to the Crypto Art World.

At Prefixa, we have worked with blue-chip Artists in helping develop and bring their NFT´s to the market.


Zevi G's NFT Art Club: The 456 Collectors club

The 456 Collectors Club by Zevi G. is a collection of 4,560 unique algorithmically created NFTs featuring Zevi G.’s Character from his signature series 456 Land, which are personalized with different props to make them unique, unrepeatable, and adaptable to the different tastes of the NFT lover community. This project is designed to thrive long term.

The overall concept behind the design and attributes of this collection is to identify with all different groups of people by incorporating sports, fashion, arts, professions, pop culture, and a variety of other attributes that collectors can resonate with, and enjoy the amazing benefits for years to come.

The official selling release will be at the 23 of January through the official Website of the collection. Zevi G. is a lover of creating unexpected imaginary characters, and most of his works aim to convey a convincing message that evokes values ​​such as love, unity, and happiness. This new NFT collection by Zevi G takes inspiration from building an actual community within his concept universe.

As mentioned above, loyal holders will be rewarded with Limited Editions of Physical Art, Digital Art, and/or merchandise.

The collection is focused on providing long-term value for collectors and building a community that respects Zevi's artwork and wants to collect it because they believe in his growth as an Artist.


360 video of the 456 Land world, overview of NFTart by Zevi G Art - Prefixa XR-ROOM
© Zevi G Art - 456 Land World

We live in a Digital World 24/7, creating interconnections all the time.

Through this collection of NFT's Zevi G. will have the opportunity to continue sharing his message in a digital way, making it accessible to anyone, anytime.

Prefixa is a Tech-Creative Company offering XR production services for Art & Culture. We strongly believe the Future of Art is in these XR Technologies because of the endless digital possibilities that they can provide to Artists.


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With our XR-ROOM services, we are ready to help you have a presence in the NFT´s World, Metaverse. We can help you with the creative development of transforming your Art into an NFT and also guide you through the selling process, just as we did for the Artist Zevi G.

If you need any help with this topic we’ll be happy to collaborate with you!


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