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How can you Sell your Art Without Presenting your work with Images, Videos, or Galleries?

For a long time, the best way to sell your art was by presenting it in different galleries.

Why galleries?

Because that was the only space where only people who are interested in art would enter. That’s true - but why are galleries the best way? Why can’t I sell my art myself? These are questions you might be asking yourself.

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Galleries are a space where collectors can see the art piece, touch it, and most importantly, walk around it and feel the scale in relevance to something they have in their own space. They can decide whether this piece fits them, their taste, their space, and in the end when all of those boxes are ticked they look into the budget.

It is all about the way you present your art.

If you don't put your art in a space where interested collectors can see it, you can’t sell it. That means you can’t make a living out of your passion.

I feel like I have heard that before, but what does that actually mean?

It means that in order to make a living you need to find a job, a part-time job, or perhaps a 9-5 one. And that is the problem!

You are a creative person, you love what you do. All you need is to find a way to sell your passion, and the first action you need to take is to present it in a proper way. Unfortunately showing your work online using images and videos won’t help you achieve that, because that’s what everyone is doing. But it shouldn’t be that way…

There is a solution that can replicate the experience your future collector gets in the real galleries into the virtual world. Once you have it, you won’t have difficulties selling your artwork. And, you can present them in a way 99% of all artists are not using today.

It gives you the ability to let your future collectors dive into your art piece and spend hours watching it and in the end up ask you to ship it to them. This method is something not common, not yet at least.

It is the perfect way to immerse your future collector into your art world, viewing all types of art pieces that are all yours.

It is a Virtual Art Gallery.


Virtual Art Galleries are a new way to explore and bring art pieces into galleries with your computer, phone, or VR glasses. You can exhibit your paintings or sculptures in these spaces and your final collector will be able to explore them anywhere on earth, all they need to have is a mobile phone and an internet connection.

If you do large-scale pieces, your collectors will be able to understand the real scale of the artwork by comparing it to other pieces within the virtual or their own space.

Now, how do I get it? You might ask.

By utilizing Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality.

No matter where your collectors are located, they can view your art piece projected in their real space using their phones and interact with it and place it where they need it. This will give them the confidence to move forward and buy your art piece, speeding up the sales process and enabling you to make a living practicing your passion.

Now, let’s try an example so you can experience it yourself!

Please follow the steps below one by one:

QR code for downloading FR3D App

1. Download our app FR3D

This is an app developed by us to make artists' jobs easier when sharing their work with future collectors. You can search for it in the app store or simply scan this QR Code and download it.

2. Open the app and scan the QR Code below to experience the sculpture of and interact with it in augmented reality

Your clients will get a card or an image just like this, with an image of the artwork and a QR code to scan. With this, they will be able to interact with your art piece just like you can with this example below.

Personalized Design Card

Artist: Chas Martin

Virtual galleries and augmented reality visualizations like this one are the number one thing that enables you to sell your artwork, differentiate yourself from your competitors, and turn a one-time-art collector into a lifetime fan.


Brenda Munguia

3D Specialist/Artist

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