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How can XR Visualization be Leveraged in Product and Project Design in different Industries?

Updated: Mar 22

eXtended Reality (XR) Visualizations are expanding the possibilities different industries have when presenting and developing their projects. These technologies can be used to engage different audiences, increase communication, and help your target audience understand your new innovation.

eXtended Reality Visualizations cover the whole range of different visualization tools from 3D visualization, to Augmented and Virtual reality. When used well, they can transform the way you design and do business.

XR Visualization services for different Industries | Visualizations by Prefixa XR-Industry

Many different industries are used to working and designing with CAD drawings. Two or three-dimensional models that, granted, give a good idea of the dimensions and scale of the machine or product in question. However, these models often misrepresent the final product, lack functionality, and are not suitable for high-end clients or presentations.

CAD to 3D visualization example of a microcontroler
CAD to 3D Visualization of a microcontroler | 3D Conversion by Prefixa XR-Industry

3D visualization allows these simple CAD models to be transformed into attractive visuals, that can be utilized widely and not just for communications between internal teams. These models show the functionality and purpose of the design in a way that is easy to understand and better engages your audience. 3D visuals are ideal for different presentation visuals, websites, product portfolios, catalogs, trade shows, and marketing materials.

Different 3D visualization technologies offer dozens of presentation options to choose from. While images and animated videos are integral elements of presentations, interactive 3D models offer a higher level of engagement for websites, trade shows, and portfolios. Additionally, augmented and virtual reality technologies offer an unparalleled level of engagement for these same audiences.

A Clinical Chemistry Analyzer visualized in Augmented Reality through a mobile device.
A Clinical Chemistry Analyzer visualized in Augmented Reality | 3D Conversion by Prefixa XR-Industry

These versatile 3D visualization tools can be used in any industry that creates new innovations such as machinery, products, or processes. Some industries that benefit largely on presenting their work in attractive ways are: Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Product Design, Robotics, and Space Industries, as well as Electrical and Water Plant Design.

Although each industry has its own specific needs, target audiences, and goals, the flexibility, and customizability of 3D visualization tools is an important asset to have for their design, marketing, and sales teams. 3D visualization allows your team to leverage the different aspects of these tools to your advantage, and increase the communication between you and your target audience. Whether you're inventing something completely new or re-designing the wheel - 3D visualization will help your innovation come to life before you even have your first prototype.


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