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How Can I Bring My Art to 3D?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The world of virtual Art and Technologies can be an overwhelming place.

That is why we're here to guide and help you as you begin the journey of bringing your art to 3D by answering some of the most frequently asked questions at FAQ Room.

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Art can be brought to 3D through a process called Photogrammetry. Essentially we bring objects to 3D through a simple 360º scanning video taken from it. Here are the steps to take a high-quality video of your artwork to ensure the 3D model meets your standards.

To ensure the similarity of the converted model certain specs need to be taken into account

lighting ico


1 - Lighting:

The sculpture must be well illuminated, avoiding direct sunlight and strong shadows. If you have it, and the sculpture fits, you can use a lightbox and diffusers to have constant illumination.

background photo ico


2 - Background:

Another point to consider is having a solid and clear background for placing your sculpture. Avoid distracting elements, reflections, and translucent materials. We recommend you to use a simple white background.

camera ico


3 - Photography equipment:

You can record your video using the last generation phone and get good results. All you need to do is make sure the settings are set for maximum quality. Don’t forget to clean your lenses before starting.

For ensuring the most precise capture of the textures and detail of your sculpture, we strongly recommend having professional photography equipment for recording the camera with at least 12 Mpx resolution.

360 movement ico


4 - Movement:

For creating the 3D Model we need to see your sculpture from every angle make sure you have unobstructed space to move 360º around the sculpture. Start from the top and start moving around it, recording different height levels.

video ico


5 - Upload your video:

The final step is to upload the files. No editing is needed. Before producing the sculpture we analyze the quality of your video just to make sure everything is perfect.

“Guardian” by Marsha Schindler, 3D conversion by XR-ROOM


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