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How can 3D Tech be applied for Virtual Commerce in High-Fashion? - Interview with Roberto Ancis

Updated: Mar 22

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Could Virtual Commerce bring more than 40% ROI for all successful online brands?

“If you are driving at night, and your lights are not on, and a black cat crosses over the street, you won’t see it, and this is the same in business where you always need to be different. You need to have a different take that fulfills the pain points. The pain points are the points the client needs to resolve for them to be successful.” - Roberto Ancis

In a world where staying ahead of competition is essential, differentiating your business online is extremely important. Vcommerce, an extension of Ecommerce with the application of Virtual Reality, is the future for online businesses. That is what we at Prefixa believe, and we share that vision with Roberto Ancis.

Below you can see our interview and all the topics that we cover, as well as Robertos contact information and the results of our collaboration.

Mariela Resendiz from Prefixa interviewing Roberto Ancis.

Here's what we cover cover in the interview:

-How his background as a scientist using scientific methods has influenced his business in marketing consulting to advise over 300 clients over 40 years.

-The problems he seeks to solve through interactive 3d technologies.

-How introducing the concept of vCommerce instead of eCommerce is very necessary today, and how Prefixa applies that concept.

-Why he chose Prefixa to provide him with virtual reality.

-How he considers Prefixa services in virtual reality as a solution for brands to differentiate themselves from the market.

Roberto's no.1 piece of advice for Online companies: Tell the truth, be honest, and produce results.

Find the Transcript of the interview Here!

You can find out more about Roberto and his business through his website!

Below you can see the results of our work with Roberto on the Made With Italy project.

Mariela Resendiz

Marketing Specialist

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