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  • Eeva Kavenius

Can My 2D Painting be in 3D?

Updated: May 2, 2022

The world of virtual Art and Technologies can be an overwhelming place.

That is why we're here to guide and help you as you begin the journey of bringing your art to 3D by answering some of the most frequently asked questions at FAQ Room.

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The short answer is yes! We can create your 2D Painting into a 3D Model, but it does have different challenges for our design team as they have to create the digital sculpture from scratch from your painting or 2 dimensional artwork.

Here is our process:

1 - Once we have an HD picture of your art piece, we develop a creative proposal for the 3D sculpture.

2 - After your approval on the creative sketch we define the ultimate details such as lighting and texture to bring your painting or artwork into 3D.

3 - After we have the 3D model, we can add interactivity. You can manipulate your model, create an animation with sound, and embed it into your website or virtual gallery for your audience to explore.

4 - Additionally, we can bring the converted interactive 3D model into Augmented Reality!

There are a few different options for you when bringing your 2-dimensional artwork to 3D. Depending on your vision and artwork we can either bring characters or objects from the artwork to 3D and create 3-dimensional sculptures based on your art, or we can create a 3D model from your painting. Depending on your vision, our team will work closely with you to find the best solution for you and your artwork!


See the different ways we brought "The Monument" (based on the artwork "The Burden") by Nene Mahlangu into 3D and AR!

Explore this Interactive 3D model | Painting converted in 3D by Prefixa XR-ROOM Services

"It allowed the work to live outside of the traditional 2D environment. It made the artwork more interactive, shareable and portable." Nene Mahlangu, Visual Artist.


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