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The MIL-STD-1760 Connector for Defense Aircraft
3D Interactive Model with animation 

3D Visualization | DEMO


Effectively communicate your innovation

The interactive nature of 3D models allows you to manipulate your product or solution and see it from every angle, making it an ideal tool to grab and keep the engagement and attention of your audience.


An exploded view of your solution lets your audience to see the individual parts and components of your innovation, allowing them to see the maintenance needs of your technology.

This increased engagement and information helps you to explain complex products in a way that is easy and quick to understand.

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Interactive 3D visualization 

3D configurator development with Sketchfab API.

What we do

With these Visualization Solutions, we help your team, client, and investors to truly understand your innovation, the problems it solves, and the way it solves them. By engaging your audience with interactive visualizations, you create unique user experiences and allow them to learn about your innovation.

These new visual communication tools allow you to build strong relationships based on trust and informed feedback, making sure that everyone understands the true impact of your technological solution.


Whether it be in your portfolio, website, presentation, or marketing material, the possibilities of these technologies when applied to your innovation are endless.

Interactive 3D visualization 

Drag/click on the image to navigate the connector in 3D.

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for your innovation

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