XR for architectural project

Increase the success of selling your projects with 3D photorealistic visualization

You can have beautiful photorealistic images of your architectural project. Our process can produce consistent quality for all your marketing and visualization needs. From your CAD files, we create accurate photorealistic images, videos, and interactive visualization including Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.  

Our packages

Project proposal by Prefixa

Present your firm expertise with professional visualizations to captive your prospects.

Project proposal by Prefixa


Interactive 3D of your real state proposal in iPad and as Augmented Reality model scale.

Design house options in 3D

Explore your design variations with your client using interactive 3D and better communicate the options.

Full VR experience with 3D house

Allow your client explore in immersive 3D the future home/building before construction with virtual furniture and interactive colors

Our process

All of our packages follow the same steps:

  1. Work begins once we receive from client: layout plan (PDF plan, .DWG, Sketchup or Revit file), mood-style options document, package selection with specific additional details on animation or interactions desired.
  2. First confirmation of files correctness and additional questions to client for details and options, if required. 
  3. Phase 1: Modeling validation. Client receives clay 3D models to validate geometries. Minor changes and non-specified details are introduced here. General UX functionalities (camera view points, animation trajectories, 3D navigation) are presented and validated here. 
  4. Phase 2: Materials and lighting validation. Client receives full color and ambient illumination in a first test version. Feedback on lighting, materials and view points are signaled here. 
  5. Delivery of final version without watermarks. Follow up with client for 3D use, embedding and navigation.  


Example of one of our 3D interactive visualizations projects for web:

Additional packages


Ask for our iPad Augmented Reality 3D App development as tool for property development sales and for our VR immersive walkthrough as sales tool for trade shows