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Immersive 3D experiences
for your industry

Unlock the potential of your business with XR

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Prefixa is a 3D visualization company creating XR and Spatial Computing experiences

Immersive VR experiences, AR, and online interactive 3D come to life thanks to our established asset creation process, personalized approach, and technical comprehension of intricate engineering projects. Our team has extensive experience applying AR, VR, and XR technologies to real-world business and industrial scenarios. We specialize in elevating brand-customer relationships with compelling 3D animations, interactive storytelling, impactful motion graphics, and immersive XR experiences.


Some of our capabilities include

VR interactive art  gallery image

3D Experiences
(AR, VR, MR, Online Interactive 3D)

Dive into the heart of innovation with our custom made  interactive 3D experiences. From augmented reality (AR) to virtual reality (VR) and Mixed reality (MR), we craft immersive digital worlds where your ideas come to life. Envision realistic VR training for your team, virtual tours of your facilities in AR for clients, and engaging 3D interactions for your online presence. Our solutions revolutionize how businesses communicate, learn, and connect with their audiences.


3D Configurators
and Showrooms

Leave a lasting impact with our 3D configurators and virtual showrooms. Showcase your product online in interactive 3D, with configurable features and accessories. Immerse your product in a 3D navigable showroom experience that enhance the customer product exploration experience. We empower your customers to customize and visualize your products in captivating virtual environments. From vehicle designs to intricate industrial machinery, our configurators create augmented shopping experiences. Your clients can explore every detail, configure to their preferences, and make informed decisions, reinforcing trust and satisfaction.

screen Lenovo AIO-IC_A350_27 3d model  back view

3D Asset Creation

Low-poly models - the best quality on the Market. We have a proven 3D asset production and creation process, starting from scratch or utilizing pre-existing CAD designs, ensuring they are tailored for web, mobile, or XR experiences. Whether it's precision-engineered industrial models, intricate architectural elements, or cutting-edge products, we bring your concepts to life with our proven approach.  Our creations seamlessly integrate with Nvidia Omniverse, Sketchfab, Fab, Unreal, Unity, enabling a smooth presence across a spectrum of platforms. Every detail matters, and our 3D modeling skills illuminate your products from every angle, showcasing their excellence with utmost clarity and precision.

space antenna on the moon do in omniverse

Spatial Computing
and Simulation

Our Omniverse workflow with physical simulation and rendering, allow real time 3D and VR experiences with outstanding quality and realism.  We create OpenUSD models, SimReady assets and Digital Twins from Engineering designs for advanced simulations and immersive 3D experiences.  Explore what Spatial computing and XR can do for your business.  Expertise with Industrial Metaverse from Nvidia. Expertise converting CAD designs into Omniverse Enterprise assets for simulation and XR.

With our 3D Visualization Solutions,
we help your team, clients, investors, and audience
to truly understand your innovation, the problems
it solves and the way it solves them.​

3D Configurators help clients for

a better product personalization and faster selection

Aerospace - Electric Vehicles - Consumer Electronics - Industrial Hardware - Architecture

Whether it be in your portfolio, website, presentation or marketing material, the possibilities of these technologies when applied to your innovation are endless.
  • What is 3D visualization and how can it transform our projects?
    3D visualization is a technology that creates realistic virtual models of objects and environments in three dimensions. It allows for the visualization of complex concepts interactively and immersively, providing an in-depth understanding of details and interactions. In industries such as aerospace, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, industrial hardware, and architecture, 3D visualization can transform the way you design, sell, and collaborate. It enables the simulation of prototypes, the creation of interactive configurators, the preview of architectural projects, and much more, enhancing decision-making, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
  • What advantages do virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) bring to the aerospace industry?
    VR and AR enable the aerospace industry to simulate complex environments, train personnel in realistic scenarios, and visualize prototypes before manufacturing, thereby reducing costs and accelerating innovation.
  • What is a 3D configurator, and how can it benefit my industrial business?
    A 3D configurator allows customers to customize complex products in real-time, facilitating the sales process and improving the buying experience while reducing errors in orders.
  • How are spatial computing and Omniverse solutions used in architecture?
    Spatial computing solutions enable architects to visualize projects in their real environment, while Omniverse facilitates real-time collaboration among team members, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the design process.
  • Can we integrate our own 3D models into your interactive solutions?
    Absolutely. We work with a wide range of 3D formats and can integrate your custom models to ensure that our solutions precisely meet your needs.
  • What tools and technologies do you use?
    The main tools we use : Nvidia Omniverse Unity3D Unreal Sketchfab Fortnite Maya V-Ray suite Adobe Keyshot TwinMotion We work on Mac and PC. We have Meta Oculus quest 2 and pro headsets.



What Clients Say

"I collaborated with Prefixa in 2019 on an architectural project of a Canadian cottage located outside of Montreal.
The renderers prepared a high-quality realistic video of the proposed swimming pool and the existing cottage situated on this exquisite treed property along the Richelieu River canal. The video was hyperrealistic and beautiful - the sound and the imagery made this project extremely impressive. Both, bird soundscapes with splashing water summer visuals and delicate snowfall scenes were rendered to add the architectural concept. They also applied materials to the building and the pool that made the project realistic.
The client was simply astonished and super happy - I would definitely recommend Prefixa and will always use them in the future."

Anna Sulikowska


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