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3D Visualization

[ For Architects and Interior Designers ]

Do you want to increase the visibility of your architectural firm?

Do you want to attract more clients?

Do you want to boost your marketing with engaging visual content?

If you need us to help you in deciding how to use the visual content in your marketing efforts, please schedule a time with me, so I can give you the best recommendations that fit your needs.

Our client's base....


Thinking long term

Every good visualization you do now it responsible for getting you more exposure, which means more clients

Presenting your project in a new way

Clients are getting bored with seeing the same type of presentations on social media, that's why it makes sense to engage them with new presentation tools

Stay ahead of the competition

Doing both points will make you more confident in the market and ensure you are one step further ahead of your competitors 

Case Studies

Hear directly from our happy and successful clients...


Zora Kusá

3D Modeller, Property Photographer and Entrepreneur

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Why 3D visualization is essential for your business

3 reasons why you need to have a combination of interactive & traditional 3D visualization


Roberto Ancis

Founder and CEO of Coaching Professors, Inc. and of Consulting Professors Online, LLC.

"We have been in the consumer technology business advisory for over 40 years and we met Prefixa in 2019, a creative company in the field of virtual and augmented reality.  We have selected Prefixa as sole provider for a new Virtual Commerce concept in the high-fashion industry and for a new South America and Central America Virtual Commerce site with sales in the U.S.  As the entire world is moving to a three-dimensional online commercial universe, we would recommend Prefixa to anyone of our clients for simple 3D work, augmented reality or virtual reality projects."


MAQUETA 03.png

Anna Sulikowska


"I collaborated with Prefixa in 2019 on an architectural project of a Canadian cottage located outside of Montreal. The renderers prepared a high-quality realistic video of the proposed swimming pool and the existing cottage situated on this exquisite treed property along the Richelieu River canal. The video was hyperrealistic and beautiful - the sound and the imagery made this project extremely impressive. Both, bird soundscapes with splashing water summer visuals and delicate snowfall scenes were rendered to add the architectural concept. They also applied materials to the building and the pool that made the project realistic. The client was simply astonished and super happy - I would definitely recommend Prefixa and will always use them in the future."


Meet Miguel



Miguel Arias

Founder and CEO, Prefixa Inc. 

I help architects and interior designers present their designs in a new way, that engages potential clients and increases the awareness about their design service.

Dr. Arias is an expert in Augmented and Virtual Reality. He advises companies about the value of adopting next-generation visualization technologies and helps to develop new technologies to enable the adoption. He founded Prefixa Inc in 2016 in Silicon Valley, California.


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