Prefixa is an engineering and software development company for 3D data visualization for Web, Mobile and Desktop platforms with emphasis in cloud-web applications. We have capabilities to develop novel IP and expertise with CAD visualization, medical visualization, bioimaging, cloud processing, GPU/CUDA algorithm acceleration, and design of custom 3D Digital Asset Management platforms. We provide custom development services and own/joint product development.


3D Visualization

Custom software development for image, CAD, DICOM and 3D model visualization

Medical Visualization

Custom software development for healthcare applications on desktop, web, mobile and cloud. 2D and 3D DICOM and health data integrations and expertise.

Data Asset Management

Custom database design and cloud integration for digital assets (CAD files, 3D models, etc.). Catalogue, storage, retrieval and access to distributed digital assets for Automotive, Aerospace and CAD industries.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Custom solutions for VR/AR applications. Standalone or sensor connected devices. Cloud processing and data streaming expertise.



We distribute for the Mexican market the following industrial cameras and optics: The Imaging Source (Germany) industrial cameras, New Imaging Technologies (France) wide dynamic range cameras for visual welding, and Azure Optics (USA/China) - machine vision lenses and optics.



Cloud-based photorealistic render engine with Digital Asset Management for 3D scenarios and 3D objects OneRender. Expertise integrating with Onshape cloud CAD platform. OneRender is a spin-off project of Prefixa.

Dental CAD Software

Desktop Windows-based software for dental DICOM visualization, implant planning, prosthesis design and orthodontics planning.

Fabric Recognotion System

Computer vision system for textiles/fabrics recognition. 5000+ different fabrics. Computer vision and Big Data algorithms to learn textile patterns and differentiate among thousands of different fabrics. Recognition in Real-Time.

Probe tip inspection

Compact unit for 3D tip inspection for wafer probers. Custom stereoscopic camera with third wide field of view camera. 2x2 mms inspection for 3D tip alignment, for on-line inspection. Micron level accuracy. Client in San Jose, CA.




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